How to start a cinema

15 Appendix 4: Cinema Audience Research

Audience/market data main sources

FAME (Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation)

FAME a cinema industry marketing tool for analysing film viewing and cinema going behaviour. Launched in 2007 replacing the industry’s old currency CAVIAR. FAME covers many aspects of film consumption – the experience of cinema, DVD, on-demand, trailers, advertising, reviews, 3D, digital, information sourcing and piracy.


Mintel International Group Ltd, marketing intelligence company. Produce annual report on UK cinema market. Aimed at commercial sector. Cover: market factors, market size and trends, market segmentation, the supply structure, advertising and promotion and the consumer.

Office for National Statistics

Up until 2009 produced figures on cinema admissions based on estimates for the film exhibition activity for all legal units whose main activity was film exhibition.  The ONS still produces reports on household spending, including cinema tickets.

Dodona/Cinemagoing UK

Produce annual Cinema Going reports covering UK, European and wider markets. Provide information on films released, distribution, cinemas, key cities, admissions and revenues, companies and forecasts.

Arts Council demographic data

Arts Council of England has demographics and statistics for each region of the UK. This provides regional demographic information and figures for potential arts attenders including cinema, theatre, ballet, opera, contemporary dance etc.

Exit Polls

The BFI requires Exit Poll surveys to be carried out on films supported by the Prints and Advertising Fund. Exit polls are carried out by research companies and take the form of in-depth questionnaires in at least two cinemas over a film’s opening weekend. They are used to find out about the audience for the film, who they are and what motivated them to come and see it.

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