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Core Skills for Cinemas

13/05/2021 - 13/05/2021

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N.B This round of Core Skills for Cinema is now over but see this page for our new series running in October & November 2021.

Our new core skills webinar series will provide relevant, practical learning on a range of topics with sessions specifically designed for those working across the independent film exhibition and distribution sectors. Each month, industry experts will share their experiences, offering guidance and illustrative case studies with lessons that can be easily adapted by participants.



13/05/2021 - 13/05/2021




Thursday 11th March
CRM and Email Marketing

Katy Raines and Flo Carr, Indigo Ltd

Led by Katy Raines and Flo Carr from Indigo Ltd, this session will look at how to approach your audience data, using CRM principles to choose who to talk to about what, and the main dos and don’ts for successful and engaging email marketing campaigns.

CRM systems are crucial to building a relationship with your audiences, and effective use of them will allow you to:

  • Capture data on your customers and their buying behaviour
  • Analyse that data to identify different segments of audiences and the varying potential value of investing in them
  • Develop sophisticated methods to send different targeted communications to these segments and track their response
  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Increase engagement with customers

Katy and Flo will also reflect their on ‘After the Interval’ and ‘Act 2’ research from last year, investigating the impact of Covid-19 on audiences returning to live events and, with over 240,000 responses and 575 participating organisations, the largest Covid-19 tracker survey on audience intent.

Wednesday 14th April
Social Media Advertising

Chris Unitt, One Further

With the right approach, social media advertising can be a very cost-effective marketing channel for arts organisations, enabling you to target very specific audiences. But where do you start? Focusing primarily on Facebook, this session will take you through best practice for this platform, including setting objectives, ad formats, audience targeting, budgeting, and reading results. These lessons can then be applied across Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more, helping you make strategic and effective decisions about which platform to use to achieve your objectives.

Thursday 13th May
Researching Screening Materials and Film Rights

Simon Duffy, BFI Southbank

Screening material and rights research is a crucial skill for any film programmer – but often, venues or festivals with a great idea for a one-off screening or even a film season are unsure where to start. In this session we’re delighted to be joined by Simon Duffy, the BFI’s Programme and Research Manager to give us his top tips on tracking down and securing access to rare and sought-after titles, drawing on examples from his own work at BFI Southbank.


Katy Raines

Partner, Indigo

Katy Raines is regarded as one of the UK’s leading consultants on CRM and Segmentation for the Arts, and as such has developed and led research and implementation programmes for large and middle scale arts organisations throughout the UK and Europe. She has a particular passion for using audience data to effect change, and drive an audience-led approach to marketing for any arts organisation.

Flo Carr

Associate, Indigo

For nearly 10 years, Flo has worked in marketing, communications and venue management roles in a variety of arts and cultural organisations, gaining particular experience in developing CRM and audience development strategies. Having collaborated with Indigo co-founder Katy Raines to deliver a series of free national audience surveys during Covid-19, Flo joined the Indigo team in November 2020.

Chris Unitt

Founder, One Further

Chris is the founder of One Further, a digital analytics and user research consultancy. Chris works with organisations that want to use insights from data and research to gain a better understanding of their online audiences and how best to serve them. Current clients include the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate, and the Royal Academy of Arts.

Simon Duffy

Programme & Research Manager, BFI Southbank

Simon has been the Programme & Research Manager at BFI Southbank since 2016 and leads the team responsible for researching screening materials and negotiating rights clearances on all films shown at the venue. He began his BFI career as a cinema usher at the National Film Theatre and then worked in the BFI’s regional department, which offered training and programming services to venues across the UK, before joining the NFT’s programme planning department. He’s also worked as the London Film Festival Screenings Coordination Manager and as a programme advisor to the From Page to Screen and Le Città Visibili film festivals.

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