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Posted on November 23, 2012 by Jon Spatz

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Women Only - London Feminist Film Festival
More about The London Feminist Film Festival in Events below…

News and Opportunities

  • Ooh whats this? Ian Sandwell of Screen reports on our Autumn Screening Days event at the National Media Museum, which is nice.
  • KEN LOACH STRIKES AGAIN! Agitprop auteur rejects Turin Film Festivals Gran Premio Torino award in support of workers rights from the National Museum of Cinema. Being Italian and working for Cineuropa, the reporter is quite clearly not happy about his decision, which only makes it more fun to read.
  • Greenpeace are spearheading a sustainable fisheries campaign, as part of which they are offering a quite splendid short film free to independent cinemas. Available in various formats (DCP, 35mm, DVD)  click here to find out how to get your screener and help save those sardines.
  • UK on course for record box office in 2012 pat on the back anyone?
  • The Isle of Man is celebrating its 100th film production! Help them celebrate with a screening or two perhaps?
  • If you didnt fancy lounging around in the Caribbean before this, you certainly will now!


  • Considering the fractured state of the European Union, film has never been more important for communicating ideas, concerns, feelings and emotions. The 3rd annual UK Portuguese Film Festival epitomises this and is certainly worth checking out.
  • The London Feminist Film Festival is here and with an excellent programme of films, including a screening of Marleen Gorris award-winning A Question of Silence. Considering the debate around representation of women in the industry; the rhetoric of the right-wing in the US election; the incarceration of Pussy Riot and the pursuit of greater equality and freedom for women in the Middle East, this is a festival that demands support.
  • Arts Council Chief Executive Alan Davey will be answering your questions live online on 28th November. To find out more, get those questions ready and head here for more info.


Good Reads

  • Okay, Okay I know. I know! It’s a parliamentary report on the written evidence given by the Film Distributors Association to the CMS Select Committee on support for the creative economy. I KNOW! But seriously, this is worth reading and commenting on there is a lot to debate here.
  • Beyond us-vs-them A great comment piece from @indiewendy regarding the need for Distributors and Exhibitors to work together in order to maximise profitability and reach, with some excellent examples of success.
  • With Empire Cinemas about to display their 10 Golden Rules, the debate rages: what would your 10 golden rules for cinema-going be?

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