News Round-up... 16/07/2013

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Sarah Rutterford

Categories: News Round-up

Chucky from Child's Play 2 cutting head off jack-in-a-box clown


Serious News Headlines



  • The John Brabourne Awards are open: sums of up to 5k are available for anyone with 2 years or more experience within the industry who can show that the award will help take them to and I quote the next level.
  • @SkillsetSSC has opened up a 750k kitty for training. Head on over here to find out more and see if you fit.
  • Are you new filmmaking talent, well are you!? Well if you are @Wshed is open for submissions for its Electric December event. Worth a swing, no doubt.
  • Call for writers with an understanding of Nollywood (Nigerian cinema to you and I) come on, I know you’re out there! Great chance to get your writing seen. Email for more information.

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