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Posted on January 4, 2013 by Jon Spatz

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Mayan Calendar

So the world kept on turning and heres why!

With apocalypse averted, at least for the time being, we feel it is our duty to let you know what is happening in our thriving film universe. So here goes, for the first News Round-up of 2013:


  • Europe Will Be More Creative, according to Cineuropa, after the EUs Culture Commission approved the Creative Europe programme, which amounts to 1.8bn Euros worth of support from 2014-2018. Interesting in the context of the UKs current culture [of] cuts.
  • Belle First Major British 4K Film and so it begins, the next step in the evolution of digital filmmaking; but what does this mean for independent cinemas, only a very small number of which have the capabilities to project such films and have struggled financially to digitise to current required standards?


  • Film in Space: An exhibition of film and expanded cinema with an impressive array of top artists selected by the indomitable Guy Sherwin. And Camden Arts Centre is a great venue. Gotta go.
  • On a bit of an Artists Moving Image flex this afternoon, perhaps having been excited by Paul Bushs Babeldom, which we are distributing and is truly brilliant. Or maybe it was Leicesters Phoenix Square Sebastian Buerkner exhibition a celebration of the FLAMIN-supported artists innovate work.
  • Michael Smith presents Fountain at Hales Gallery, an exhibition exploring on the quest for youth. Resonant and enthralling.
  • Rose English, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Alexis Hunter and Carolee Scneemann present Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands at the Richard Saltoun gallery in London – an exciting and important visual retrospective of female performance art.
  • Rosa Barba, one of the most revered film artists around, has her Subject to Constant Change exhibition at Manchesters Cornerhouse; a brilliant venue for a seminal work exploring the properties of film in relation to memory.
  • Mentioned before but the London Short Film Festival begins today and there are some truly class acts in there. Serious.
  • Up to much this Sunday evening? No? Well get down to the Roxy in Borough and check out An Evening of Celluloid; following the trend of Keanu Reeves in Side by Side and Thomas Lawes The Last Projectionist, this art cinema institution is presenting an evening of 8mm and 16mm films accompanied by music. I’m going.
  • And finally, our friends at the Institute of Contemporary Arts are hosting an evening of film artist Laure Prouvosts work, including a post screening discussion with Laure. A unique opportunity.


Good Reads

  • The Wrap gets nine industry experts to provide their opinion on the future of film and Hollywood. What would you suggest? Answers on a post– no, wait, answers on #improvehollywood @ICOtweets. Excellent.

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