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Posted on March 1, 2013 by Jon Spatz

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Post Tenebras Lux - Rugby Scene
Get in there my shun!

It’s March everybody and I consider that to be spring time!

Fancy getting in the spirit of this most fertile of seasons? Well head on over to After Cinema Words an intellectual playground where programmers, writers and filmmakers will be responding in their own unique ways to the works of Carlos Reygada’s, whose award-winning Post Tenebras Lux we are releasing 22nd March.

Sarah Wood – artist, filmmaker and co-programmer of Club Des Femmes – is the first person to contribute and shes getting personal…


Where’s my regular News Round-up!? I hear you cry. Well fellow film lovers, it is here:



  • In a busy month for us here at the ICO, I would like to point you in the direction of the Paul Bush Compilation taking place at the ICA (no relation, but very good friends): a selection of the Artists award-winning films to celebrate our release of his fantastic latest feature, Babeldom.  Paul Bush will also be Q&A-ing after the screening on Sunday 10th March.
  • O:4W are holding a seminar to explore Artists Moving Image, from concepts to curation and commissioning. Considering those involved, this is a must-attend really and truly.
  • March 20th-24th is Reel Iraq 2013, which marks ten years since the invasion of Iraq with a UK-wide celebration of Iraqi arts and culture through music, film and literature events. Find out more here.



  • Its that time of year again your very own ICO are open for applications to Developing Your Film Festival. This course brings together film festival professionals from across Europe, equipping you with everything youd need to grow and establish a successful festival. And its in Croatia. In the summer. Yep.
  • Tell Me Your Story is a BFI-run one day workshop for LGBT filmmakers, supported by Creative Skillset, designed to help develop projects for the market place. About time there was this sort of commercial focus in this sector of cinema?
  • Media Academy Wales has launched Cinovate 2013 this a great opportunity to learn how to meet current and future challenges facing the exhibition sector with a personalised mentoring programme.


  • Four Corners seeks applications for Board Members, more information about which can be found here.
  • CAN (Cinema Arts Network) is looking for an experienced IT Manager to join their team for an important role in developing Britains cultural infrastructure. More? Here.

Good Reads

  • IndieWire continues to host a great debate around the future of film festivals (with specific recourse to how they distribute their funds); following the brilliant repartee between Sean Farnel, Tom Hall and the many comments that followed, there is now this from Heather Croall.
  • It would be madness not to mention anything about the Oscars, so I am leaving it up to The Arts Desk to provide you with a witty critique!

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