A Monster Calls

Dir: J.A Bayona

United States of America (USA) / Spain


108 mins



Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones

Spanish director J.A. Bayona (The OrphanageThe Impossible) brings to life this heartbreaking and magical tale, based on Patrick Ness’ novel, of a young boy struggling to face familial loss.

Set in an industrial northern town, 12 year old Connor – brilliantly charismatic newcomer Lewis MacDougall –  is thrown into turmoil on learning of his mother’s (Felicity Jones) terminal illness.  Wracked with feelings of loss, guilt and anger, Connor is confronted one night by a monstrous tree come to life (voiced by Liam Neeson). The monster will come for Connor on three nights, each night with a different tale. On the fourth night, Connor must face his truth and tell his own story.

A Monster Calls brings a shattering emotional power, combining superbly pitched drama with exquisite watercolour animation. With shades of the masterful Guillermo Del Toro and a top level cast including Sigourney Weaver and Toby Kebbell, this is a fantastical tale of real life tragedies and truths for audiences of all ages.

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