Force Majeure

Dir: Ruben �stlund




A critical hit from Cannes, the new film from Ruben Östlund (Play) is an audacious treat for those who like their cinema teetering between the harrowing and hilarious. 

On a family skiing vacation in the French Alps, Tomas (Johannes Bah Kuhnke) and Ebba (Lisa Loven Kongsli) are enjoying lunch with their two children, when the sudden, shocking threat of an avalanche prompts an impulsive, almost deplorable, reaction from Tomas. While the family remain physically intact, the marriage bond between Tomas and Lisa seems to be irrevocably and explicably damaged forever.

Replete with bravura sequences that evoke both heart stopping dread and pitch black humour, the film grippingly and incisively measures the fallout from Tomas’ fateful act.Turist is “an unsettling psychological thriller … visually stunning [and] emotionally perceptive” (Variety).

Booking Information


Curzon Film

Release Date

10 April 2015

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