Shotgun Stories

Dir: Jeff Nichols





Executive produced by David Gordon Green, this has as its focus a similar milieu of a small rural community in Arkansas and the extraordinary lives of seemingly ordinary people but its canvas becomes much broader as a family feud plays out.

At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to the Hayes family, 3 brothers who live and work together in a broad empty landscape reminiscent of the landscapes of Edward Hopper or the films of Terence Malick.

Following a dispute at their father’s funeral, the feud begins to simmer between the elder brothers and their father’s second family raised after he left their mother. It is borne of an anger resting uncomfortably in the background of their lives but events develop at an incendiary pace. This is a masterly piece of filmmaking from a young director and cast who surely have great things to come – an almost Shakespearean tragedy of violence and revenge which plays out on an epic and tragic scale

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Vertigo Releasing

Release Date

23 May 2008

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