The Last Mistress

Dir: Catherine Breillat




Catherine Breillat (director of Romance and Anatomy of Hell) is one of France’s most exciting filmmakers. A radical feminist, her films are driven by themes of female sexual empowerment and are at times outrageous and explicit. The Last Mistress is no exception.

Based on the novel by Jules-Amédée Barbey d’Aurevilly, it follows an intrigue in the French aristocracy in 18th century Normandy and Paris. Whilst the plot is similar to Dangerous Liaisons with characters that are powerfully motivated by desire and unrestrained by convention, Breillat’s realisation is very different.

The film stars Asia Argento as Vellini, a Spanish beauty whose long running affair with high born Ryno de Marigny has lead to a complex love triangle full of danger and betrayal.

This is an unconventional costume drama with a very modern slant, beautifully shot and full of exquisite period detail. Breillat prided herself on the authenticity of the costumes and settings and this is clearly apparent. Gorgeous to look at, The Last Mistress perfectly encapsulates the heady opulence of the era.

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Curzon Film

Release Date

1 January 1970

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