My Brother is an Only Child

Dir: Daniele Luchetti




My Brother is an Only Child (Mio Fratello è Figlio Unico) tells the tale of a young boy Accio (Elio Germano) growing up in post-World War II Italy.

The film follows Accio’s ascent into manhood and his constant conflicts with his family, especially his better looking, more charismatic older brother.

Failing to commit to school or a profession Accio returns home and falls under the sway of the local Fascist Party – mainly as a way of rebelling against his family’s leftist beliefs.

With opposite political beliefs and falling in love with the same woman the two brothers are thrown into a state of endless confrontation.

Engaging, enjoyable and with excellent performances My Brother is an Only Child affords us a rare glimpse at a fascinating period in Italian history.

Booking Information

Release Date

1 January 1970

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