Catharine en-route to Venice

Posted on August 29, 2012 by Catharine Des Forges

Categories: Festival Reports

Manage to nearly miss my flight which was a bit stressful.  Although I do have a reputation for being quite cavalier where airports are concerned, even I thought fate was conspiring against me when my boarding pass got lost in the baggage security machine.

Anyway!  Finally made it to Venice and a helpful lady from CICAE phoned me up to talk me through the intricacies of the water bus.  I am here to give a talk on CICAE’s annual art cinema management course which takes place every year at the Venice Film Festival.  It is also funded by MEDIA and welcomes around 60 participants from across Europe.


Coming into Venice at night-time is incredibly romantic especially by boat.  All the lights are twinkling and coming into the city I feel almost medieval…

I make the next water bus and manage to check into my accommodation which is actually part of the university.  Although it’s not quite like my old halls of residence…there’s a Levi’s party banging out dance music as part of the festival but instead I go on the search for some food.  Several vending machines later I retire to bed trying not to think about my nutritional intake for the day.

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