Cannes 2012 - Tuesday 22 May

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Becky Clarke

Categories: Festival Reports

Vitamined up, I have time for one more film before catching the bus to the airport. I choose Hors Les Murs, a drama about a passionate yet doomed love affair between two men, one a needy, floppy-haired youngster with a penchant for a spot of bondage, the other a confident and sexy Albanian barman-musician. What starts as a charming love story turns darker as one of them gets into trouble, forcing the couple apart, and becomes increasingly demanding on his lover. A moving journey through the stages of a troubled relationship.

Hors Les Murs by David Lambert
Hors les Murs by David Lambert.

Predictably enough, the sun has come out just as I’m catching the bus to the airport. Andy from Dogwoof is sitting next to me on the plane, so we chat about movies, social enterprise and the unappealing in-flight snacks. And then to bed for a much-needed good nights sleep.

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