Cannes 2012 - Monday 21 May

Posted on May 21, 2012 by Tilly Walnes

Categories: Festival Reports

After a mad dash to Gatwick with the Victoria line suspended, my colleague Sarah and I finally made it to Cannes. We arrived about 11.30pm and were met by our colleague Simon who whisked us off to the very swanky Little White Lies party. With a bit of sleight of hand, we blagged 3 of if us in with just 2 wristbands.

What a fantastic way to start our Cannes experience, the initial cold weather had put a dampener on our spirits but they were soon revived by the amazing pop-up cinema club. They had really gone all out to create a totally immersive film-inspired venue. With secret rooms behind bookcases, a tiny jazz club and no detail overlooked, on coffee tables you would find anything from a book with a concealed hammer from The Shawshank Redemption to a full reproduction of the wallpaper from The Shining. A fab party! We made a brief stop at the after-party at The Grand but deciding that we wanted to hit the ground running the next day, went back to the apartment for a relatively (for Cannes) early night. With a quick detour for a late night crepe.

Simon had picked up our passes for us, so we just needed to get out hands on a screening schedule to plan our attack for the next day of screenings. We’ve heard horror stories from colleagues of queuing for 2 hours for films and not getting in, so we knew we needed a good strategy. With our initial plan sorted, we set our alarms ridiculously early to try and book tickets for a competition screening for Wednesday.

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