Cannes 2012 - Friday 25 May

Posted on May 25, 2012 by Catharine Des Forges

Categories: Festival Reports

Hoorah! it’s not raining, it is in fact quite sunny but true to form, despite the best efforts of Simon to get me a golden ticket for Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis they won’t let me, or the 100 or so other  people at the tail end of the queue, into the screening. Never mind, this is only to be expected, it makes me feel at home..! Instead I join Simon in the queue for the Mishima film (11/25. The day Mishima chose his own fate!). Simon was a big fan of Koji Wakamatsu’s United Red Army and an even bigger fan of Mishima so I am told I am not allowed to leave.  This is quite frustrating as it turns out however, as the film doesn’t really deliver on all fronts, leaving out more than it leaves in and overall seeming a lost opportunity given the unique source material.

We move on to Catherine Corsini’s Three Worlds, showing here as part of Un Certain Regard. This unlike the Mishima film is engrossing, a very well-made drama about a hit-and-run accident and its impact on the perpetrator, victim and witness as well as their extended families.  I think it will hit British screens almost definitely, as it’s the kind of high class French cinema that appeals to audiences.  It also has the requisite number of beautiful actresses, which makes one wonder if there are any unattractive people in France?

Three Worlds by Catherine Corsini
Three Worlds by Catherine Corsini.

By this time it’s dinner time which is always good and we have a great post-mortem of the week and all the parties I’ve missed over some fantastic food.

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