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Programming is about starting a conversation with your audience. It is the job of the programmer to communicate their passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas to an audience by the careful juxtaposition of films in a programme. That programme can be commercial or cultural but it needs at all times to be thoughtful and intelligent.

Themes can be used to articulate complex ideas beyond the scope of a single film and are an effective way of using a high profile or popular work to draw attention (and admissions!) to other perhaps less well known films which are of equal importance or enjoyment which a casual filmgoer may otherwise simply not be aware of.  Thematic programming encourages a cinemagoer to stumble across an unexpected gem and to tease out complex issues across a range of films.  Theme is generally considered a different guiding principle to say geography or chronology although these can be included (say the theme of Partition in South Asian cinema of the late 40s and 50s).

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