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Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition 2014-15

01/07/2014 - 01/07/2015

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Technical Ambassadors
  • Would you like to be able to show more screenings of National Theatre Live but worry your staff aren’t sure how it’ll go on the night?
  • Would you like to host outdoor screenings this summer but want to get the right kit?
  • Would a second screen make your venue more profitable and diverse but don’t know how it’ll work in your space?
  • Would you like to show local archive material but need advice on creating a DCP?
  • Do you just want to be sure you’re making the best value choices when it comes to updating any element of your equipment? Sound, projection, internet, servers?


01/07/2014 - 01/07/2015


£100 + VAT = £120

Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition provides bespoke advice and assistance for independent exhibitors of all shapes and sizes across the UK.

A technical expert will visit your venue and give you the tailored advice you need, with recommendations you can apply instantly.

To deliver this service we have appointed the expertise of 22 Technical Ambassadors (TAs) – a fleet of highly skilled and experienced projectionists, technicians and engineers from across the UK – who are now “on-call” within your region to help assist with whatever your non-emergency technical issue.

Technical Ambassadors


Peter James Knight has been a Freelance Projectionist and AV Technician since 2000, working with such companies as BAFTA, Disney, Universal Pictures and Norden Farm Arts Centre. He believes that going to the cinema should be a fantastic experience and is keen to share his knowledge with others.

Chris Milton is UK Technical Manager for Film at Entertainment One. After fourteen years working in projection, he has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he is excited to share to improve the standards film presentation.


South East

Toby Blackman is a Projectionist and Events Manager at Duke Of Yorks & Dukes At Komedia. His experience in delivering alternative content and working with small scale community-led film societies makes him perfectly placed to offer professional training to a variety of independent film exhibitors.


South West West Midlands

Ewan Dunford is Technical Resources Manager at Watershed with over 10 years experience in the field. It is imperative for Ewan to be able to effectively train and disseminate knowledge gained over the years in a constructive and concise manner on a level that is accessible to everyone.

Jim Whittle is Cinema Manager and Film Programmer at the Dartington Hall Trust. He brings over 25 years of experience gained from a variety of cinemas, and hopes to provide support to help improve cinema experiences for all audiences.

Simon Nicholls is Chief Projectionist at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford, having previously worked at Gloucester Guildhall and Borderlines Film Festival. With his varied experience, he aims to promote the essence of high quality presentation skills and pass these on to a new generation of film technicians.



Faye Chamberlain is a Projectionist at Chapter, where she works with a full range of formats, both digital and analogue. Her wealth of experience and interest in new technology will allow her to help other exhibitors, both those with existing experience and those new to digital presentation.

Gareth Bailey is Cinema Manager, Technician and Programmer at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. He investigated, researched and developed DCP creation as well experienced the transition from 35mm to digital at the venue, which he looks forward to discussing with other venues.


North West Central

Liam Caunt is Digital Operations Supervisor at Odeon UCI Cinemas. He cares greatly about the quality of presentation in cinemas, and looks forward to showing and teaching others about cinema projection.

David Lee Petty is AV Technician at Cornerhouse, Manchester. Having worked at Cornerhouse for over a decade, he is a source of tech knowledge for colleagues in various departments, and is excited to give a helping hand to other organizations that might not have access to similar resources.

Nick Hall is Digital Cinema Engineer at Omnex Pro Film. He previously worked at the Presentation Services Group, where he was a specialist ‘large format screen’ engineer. Nick is passionate about his profession and enjoys passing on his experience to others.


Northern Ireland

Andrew Thomas is Audio Visual Coordinator at Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Halls. As a Technical Ambassador he hopes to promote and improve independent cinema presentation as well as assist other venues in raising the bar for high quality and imaginative film events in Northern Ireland.

Jennifer Graham is Projectionist at the Queens Film Theatre and previously a Technician and Technical Manager at Odeon Cinemas. She is eager to pass on her love of cinema and projection as well as to share the knowledge and skill-sets required in the changing cinema environment.



Alasdair Blaikie is Projectionist at Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh. He brings a wealth of experience gained at UK and international film festivals as well as in the art house and multiplex sector. He looks forward to helping others understand the capabilities and complexities of digital cinema.

Ian Brown is Company Director and Engineer at Film Mobile Scotland, where he runs a touring DCI compliant cinema in Scotland and Northern England. He believes that his experience setting up cinemas and installing cinema equipment will prove invaluable as a Technical Ambassador.

Robbie Duncan is Projectionist at Glasgow Film Theatre. He has a vested interest in understanding how digital exhibition will change over the coming years and hopes to impart this information to others to maintain the highest level of cinema experience.

Pete Naples is a Senior Engineer at Omnex Pro Film Limited. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he is keen to share his knowledge and experience through the Technical Ambassador programme to increase site staff knowledge and confidence.



Symon Culpan is Projectionist and Theatrical Lighting and Sound Technician at the National Media Museum. He has also been working as a freelancer for festivals and theatres including Hyde Park Picture House and Hebden Bridge, experiencing a wide range of projection equipment.

John-Paul Burgess is Box Office Manager at Showroom Workstation and Technical Manager for the Leeds International Film Festival. He has a unique range of experience in running projection within various trusts, multiplexes and independent arts organisations, which he looks forward to sharing.


Central East

Leigh Heathcote is Assistant Chief Projectionist at Broadway Cinema. He has worked as a projectionist for various organizations for almost a decade and believes his knowledge and enthusiasm can help others achieve a high standard in film presentation.

Joe Delaney is Technical Manager and Assistant Manager at the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge. Working for an arts cinema with a varied programme and a busy film festival, alongside working with the Cambridge Film Trust, has given Joe a very good understanding of all aspects of film presentation.

Paul Willmott is Technical Manager at Saffron Screen. He is committed to the highest standards of projection and welcomes this opportunity of using his experience to raise standards across the many types of cinema now appearing across the country.

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