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17/03/2022 - 17/03/2022

Are you the founder of a film organisation and want to understand how to set up or completely reshape your organisation? Are you a board member for an independent cinema or film festival (or want to be one)? Our Governance Next programme is intended to help you understand key topics in this often-overlooked area that is central to any healthy, thriving organisation.

Working with experts from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), we’re offering five free webinars that cover the central questions that make up good governance and can help new and growing organisations set a course for the future. We’re also offering four organisations three one-on-one coaching sessions with NCVO to tackle particular challenges in their governance. Wherever you are in your governance journey – from starting an organisation to needing to make a major leap in how you’ve been working – this free series will take you to the next level.

We know governance can be a difficult topic to discuss in public, so you’ll be able to submit anonymous questions during these workshops.

The webinar series has now finished. If you’re interested in the free coaching sessions, please email us by Wednesday 30 March.

If you have any queries, please get in touch at:


17/03/2022 - 17/03/2022



Webinar schedule

Session One: What is governance? And how should I set up my organisation?
14:00-15:30, Thursday 3 March

Governance is a big word for a big thing. It’s the backbone of how your organisation functions; how it survives today and thrives in the future. Setting it up right can help you access more funding, be more efficient and build a team that’s unstoppable. But if ‘the G word’ sounds like something that’s not for you, we’re here to show you why it is by explaining what it is.

We’ll also look at some common ways to approach setting up your cultural organisation (including cinemas and community groups) to help you find which is right for you.

Session Two: What does a board do?
14:00-15:30, Friday 4 March

In this session, we’ll look at the role of an organisation’s board, what their responsibilities are and what effect they have on organisations.

Session Three: How to get staff and board working together
14:00-15:30, Thursday 10 March

It’s easy for a board to become removed from the organisation it works with, at times board members can also become too operational and step on the toes of staff. This session will help you find ways to strike the right balance and embed understanding and collaboration between the board and staff.

Session Four: Recruiting a board that supercharges your organisation
14:00-15:30, Tuesday 15 March

Who is on your board is a crucial challenge. How do you work out which skills and experience you need and how to find people who have them? And how do you revitalise a board that no longer speaks to your values?

Session Five: Understanding the numbers: financial intelligence for boards
14:00-16:00, Thursday 17 March

This practical session will help you understand the financial responsibilities of sitting on a Board and how these connect with your wider governance role – no accounting experience is assumed!

Working from a case study (shared with the group in advance), the session will help you understand some important financial management concepts whilst building your confidence to ask insightful questions about such things as sustainability, risk and the links between the past and the future via the present.


These sessions will be live-captioned. We will provide instructions on how to access the captions at the beginning of each session.

All sessions will be recorded. If you can’t attend a session live, we will be able to share a recording with you after the event.

Good Governance Guide for Exhibitors

Ahead of this webinar series, we’ve produced a resource to bring you up to speed on what we mean by governance and why it’s important for film exhibitors. Read it here.

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