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Film Hub South East Members Forum online

23/02/2021 - 25/02/2021

Registration for the Film Hub South East Forum has now closed. If you are still interested in attending please email

Our Film Hub South East Members Forum returns online this February. Following the success of last year’s event, we are delighted to welcome all FHSE members to this online training, networking and information-sharing event. The programme has been developed using feedback from you, our members, on what is needed as we continue to face unprecedented challenges for our sector.

After posing the key questions organisations need to ask themselves in order to rebuild and reopen, our aim is to help you answer them through a range of presentations, panel discussions, peer-to-peer learning and bespoke training sessions – as well as the launch of our 2021/22 funding schemes and opportunities for our members to access vital support in our region and beyond.

Registering for a ticket gives you access to the entire event. Once registered, we will contact you with instructions on how to sign up to specific sessions. To attend online, you will need a computer or laptop with a webcam and a microphone. The sessions will be conducted through Zoom.

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23/02/2021 - 25/02/2021


Free (you must register in advance to attend)


Welcome to the FHSE Forum

Jemma Buckley, Film Hub South East

ICO Senior Partnerships Manager Jemma Buckley takes a look back at how our members have faced the challenges of the past year and outlines how FHSE will support members in 2021-22 with the launch of our new funding schemes and opportunities.

Keeping in touch with audiences

Duncan Carson, ICO; Jess Thomas, Gulbenkian; Micaela Tuckwell, Ultimate Picture Palace

The pandemic has shifted the ways we interact with audiences. Whether your venue is holding regular online events or is hibernating, there are ways you can keep your reputation alive, keep members and audiences engaged and even make new connections. Hear from those who have made the most of the current means of connecting with audiences.

Programming in a pandemic

Jonny Courtney, ICO

With so many film releases disappearing from the calendar or reducing their windows, cinemas have had to change their approach to programming overnight. Yet many independent cinemas have shown resilience through diversifying their programme in difficult times. How can we rely less on large audiences for a smaller slate of titles and make a broad-minded programme the heart of what we do? In this session, we’ll have frank conversations about different approaches to survival and success (including day and date releasing, repertory programming and maximising indie titles) that will even have benefits after social distancing becomes a distant memory.

National BFI Film Audience Network opportunities

Adam Castle, Annabel Grundy and Andy Robson – BFI FAN

Film Hub South East is part of the national BFI Film Audience Network, and in this session, you’ll hear about the nationwide opportunities available via BFI FAN. Adam Wright (Film Hub Scotland – Member Support and Development), Annabel Grundy (Film Hub Midlands – Major Programmes) and Andy Robson (Film Hub North – Screen Heritage) will present new opportunities in programming and curation, archive and heritage projects and training.

Online screening platforms for beginners

Duncan Carson, ICO; Ellen Reay, Queen’s Film Theatre; Filmbankmedia

Have you been considering starting online screenings, or want to attract a bigger audience to your existing virtual offer? We take a look at your options for online whether you’re a community group or a full-time cinema. We’ll hear from Ellen Reay from Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast about their bespoke QFT Player and Filmbankmedia about their new virtual platform; as well as Duncan Carson from ICO and FHSE with a wider picture of platforms and online audience development.

Getting your application DONE

Becky Clarke and Jemma Buckley, Film Hub South East

Paperwork questions? FHSE’s Becky Clarke and Jemma Buckley will break down the FHSE application and budget forms, with additional focused guidance from BFI FAN Access Officer Toki Allison and FAN Research and Evaluation Manager Jane Rayner.

Mental health awareness for cinema exhibition

Jude Spencer, Dolly Mental Health

Learn about how to better support your teams and yourselves during one of the most challenging times for the cinema industry. This webinar will cover:

  • Awareness of stats around mental health in the distribution and cinema exhibition sector
  • How to support those on furlough and their return to work
  • How to support those working remotely
  • Support resources
  • Q&A

Reopening our doors

Katy Raines, Indigo Ltd

Our closing session will focus on the (hopefully not-too-distant!) future and reopening. Katy Raines from arts consultancy Indigo Ltd will present learnings from their research on reopening so far, giving you practical dos and don’ts as well as ways to think about how audiences will be feeling as they return to your doors.


Film Hub South East + BFI NETWORK are pleased to invite you to an online showcase of short films made by filmmakers from our region.

The showcase will feature nine short films exploring a variety of genres including Armstrong a fantasy animation directed by Russ Etheridge and Blank Shores a sci-fi drama directed by Alex Kyrou. Scroll down to see details of all the films featured in the showcase.

Approx. total runtime: 1hr 49mins

FHSE NETWORK Showcase films


Written by Russ Etheridge & Ayndrilla Singharay
Directed by Russ Etheridge

A woman builds sculptures of her crisps-obsessed crush. When the moon vanishes before her eyes, she must find a way to save the world before it crumbles into tiny pieces. Runtime: 10 mins.

Blank Shores

Written and directed by Alex Kyrou

A woman’s journey to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her partner takes her to a world far removed from her own. Runtime: 17 mins.

Home by 8.30

Written and directed by Perry White

On a tumultuous evening, a teenager is challenged by two contrasting realities that he is determined to never let crossover; his family life inside of his home and a violent encounter outside of his home. Runtime: 13 mins.


Left Over

Written and directed by David N Drake

Nel cleans out her late father’s apartment and through a series of temporal shifts she comes to terms with their turbulent relationship. Runtime: 15 mins.

Lost Land Girl

Written and directed by Shakira Francis

Two sisters join the Women’s Land Army to aid Britain during the Second World War but find themselves fighting a battle a little closer to home. Runtime: 12 mins.

Red Rover

Written and directed by Astrid Goldsmith

When a robotic rover starts drilling for signs of life on Mars, the race is on for one tiny rock-beast to save her native community from the invader from Earth. Runtime: 13 mins.


Written and directed by Michael Mante

A troubled young man stumbles upon a creative community group and becomes acquainted with the leader. Runtime: 15 mins.

The Cost of Living

Written and directed by Alice Trueman

The Cost of Living is a surreal, comedy-noir about waking up to life: When Lily, a disconnected, neurotic, ‘wellness’-freak, has a brush with death, she comes face-to-face with her greatest fear. But DEATH appears to Lily as a femme fatale and Lily finds herself unexpectedly giddy with desire… Runtime: 13 mins.


Written by Justin Edgar
Directed by David Proud

A struggling disabled actress gets a job advising a film star how to be disabled for his latest role. Runtime: 13 mins.


How do I take part in the online event?

You must be a member of Film Hub South East and have registered for the event in advance. If you’re not yet a Film Hub South East member, you can apply here.

Once registered, we will contact you with instructions on how to sign up to specific sessions.

To attend online, you will need a computer or laptop with a webcam and a microphone. The sessions will be conducted through Zoom.

What do I do if I have access requirements?

We want our events to be open and inclusive to all. Please email us at and let us know in advance what you require to take part in the training.

Alternatively you can let us know any access requirements when you register for the event online.

What is the schedule for the event?

You can view the full schedule here.

Code of conduct

  • Whether on or offline, we want our events to be fun, inclusive spaces for film professionals. We expect people attending and working at the event to maintain our code of conduct so that they stay that way. Harassment and bullying have no place at ICO/Film Hub South East events.
  • Examples of inappropriate behaviours that contravene our code of conduct include offensive comments and images, deliberate intimidation, stalking, sustained disruption of events, aggressive behaviour.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, or someone behaves inappropriately towards you, or you witness something inappropriate, please report it to a member of ICO/Film Hub South East staff or email Your complaint will be treated with confidence and discretion. We are happy to help you and can help report inappropriate behaviour to the authorities, where necessary or address the problem ourselves where more appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone who does not comply with our code of conduct. This code of conduct applies both in person and online.
  • If you would like to speak to an independent organisation about an issue, the Film and TV Charity have a free and confidential helpline available on 0800 054 00 00. It operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Terms and conditions

The Film Hub South East Members Forum is an industry event for staff of member exhibitors based in the South East region (as defined by the BFI). If you’re not yet a Film Hub South East member, you can apply here.

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