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Developing Your Film Festival 2014

22/07/2014 - 27/07/2014

Motovun Film Festival, Zagreb

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The ICO and Motovun Film Festival are proud and excited to announce the continuation of our flagship training event: Developing Your Film Festival 2014.

This one-of-a-kind course is an intensive, high-level training programme bringing together like-minded film festival professionals from across Europe to improve business skills, develop creative strategies for building audiences and income, and nurture future collaborations.

With over 3,000 film festivals worldwide, do you want to strengthen your market position and make your festival sustainable for the future?

Do you want to discover new ideas for growing your festival’s income, audience and profile?

Then come spend a week under the sun at one of the most picturesque and friendly film festivals in Europe.



22/07/2014 - 27/07/2014


European fees: €570; Part Scholarship: €365, Full Scholarship: €160


Motovun Film Festival

DYFF is taught through presentations from leading film industry experts, practical workshops focusing on participants’ own festivals, participant-led discussions on the major challenges and opportunities facing festivals today, plus one-to-one advisory sessions. The course will cover:

  • Strategic planning to strengthen your festival
  • Identifying key objectives and setting targets
  • Successful audience development projects
  • Developing your communications strategy
  • Utilising online tools and new technologies to engage and connect with audiences
  • Working with corporate sponsors
  • Making a successful case for support and influencing film policy
  • Securing films for your festival
  • Programming partnerships

100% of the 100+ Developing Your Film Festival alumni said they would recommend this course to other film festivals.

“Attending Developing Your Film Festival was one of the best and most useful experiences I’ve ever had. The unique and beautiful location for a course like this couldn’t be better! Everything about the workshop was inspiring, the talks, the people, the location and organisation of the programme”

Hara Vlahou, Animasyros International Animation Festival, Greece


Developing Your Film Festival [DYFF 2014] took place in Motovun, Croatia from 22 – 27 July 2014

This year’s course saw 37 participants and speakers across 16 countries from 35 different organisations come together in a beautiful medieval hill-top town of Motovun – to share challenges, learn from peers, be inspired by experts to develop creative and professional film festivals, and foster purposeful collaborations.

The course covered such topics as strategic planning to strengthen festivals, using online tools and new technologies to engage with audiences, analysing strengths and weaknesses to build income and securing long-term partnerships with sponsors.

Feedback from the course supports the prevailing ethos of the training: to bring together passionate, creative and successful professionals to discuss relevant issues and opportunities facing film festivals and build culturally significant and enterprising organisations.

“A unique opportunity to tackle and understand the practical needs of festival organisers…I came out with new angles and fresh approaches. The inspiring location and the slick organisation contributed to the success of the course that represents an important networking opportunity”

Domenico La Porta, Chief Editor, Belgium

“Probably the best training for film festival personnel. For me it’s a trigger for all the creative, strategic ideas which sometimes get overlooked during the festival.”

Mindaugas Morkunas, Head of Festival Development, Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania

“DYFF was on another level – and not just because it took place on a mountain. The expertise of the speakers, the care and attention of the organisers, and the passion of the participants all made for a memorable and stimulating experience.”

Ian Francis, Director, Flatpack Film Festival, UK

“Speaking at DYFF was both very interesting and inspiring, with an audience so diverse and still facing many shared challenges. It was also a pleasure to be part of a programme where the lectures and topics really seemed to tie in to each other, creating a bigger whole.” 

Åsa Garnert, Communications Strategist 

“An extremely well organized and inspiring training: highly recommended to people who wish to develop their career in the film festival world.”

Alessandro Raja, CEO & Founder, Festival Scope

“A beautifully-put-together training course, jam-packed with ridiculously useful, challenging and inspiring sessions.”

“I will add to my best experiences list. Without any doubt: inspiring.”

“I hope that this training will be the beginning of a long exchange of experience and good practice.”

“I’m itching to get back to work and execute the ideas I got.”

DYFF 2014 participants

Funded by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the British Council. In partnership with Motovun Film Festival. With the support of Vilnius International Film Festival.

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