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Data-driven Marketing

17/01/2017 - 20/01/2017

The Carriageworks, Leeds

The ways you can reach film audiences are now infinite, but the ways that make a real difference to attendance are limited.

We put together this four day intensive course to make sure you have the chance to hear the key ideas in marketing and develop your own strategy that will deliver results.

Our focus on this course is bringing a data-driven approach to your marketing, so you can turn data into information and information into insight.


17/01/2017 - 20/01/2017




The Carriageworks, Leeds

CitizenM Bankside, London

About the course

This course will enable you to:

  • Make adventurous projects successful and keep your audience engaged
  • See which marketing ideas top cultural organisations and distributors are using
  • Build a strategy for all of your marketing that works together
  • See which are the key metrics you should be capturing to understand audiences
  • Show how your marketing delivers return on investment
  • Find new audiences through data

You will leave this course with a clear idea about what data you should be measuring, what marketing approaches will bring more people to see your films and how you can achieve bigger and more engaged audiences, whatever you show.

Among many other practical topics we will cover… making more of your box office systems and databases, how to gather data without being intrusive, how to improve advance sales, the value of cinema loyalty and membership schemes, making the most of your social media channels and how to turn website traffic into sales.

Who is this course taught by?

Who is this course taught by?

The course is taught by experts in digital marketing and audience analytics; experts from within the film industry who will be able to give you genuine case studies of approaches that work (and help you find them too), as well as figures from across the arts who will share exciting developments that you can use, including:

Sarah Lewthwaite who has years of experience as VP of Marketing at Canadian cinema chain Cineplex and is now Strategic Partnerships Director at Movio where she works with the likes of Curzon, Everyman and Showroom to empower them to harness their data for good

Sean Perkins, Head of the Research and Statistics Unit at BFI who will give you the tools to look closely at publicly available data to be strategic about your direction

Leo Sharrock and Katie Moffat from the Audience Agency will talk about how to make the most of your system, understanding online sales and share key insights on social media and digital analytics

Jean-Paul Pierrot will present a case study from Picturehouse Cinemas on their successful membership programme

The course leader is Sarah Boiling, an expert in audience behaviour (as former Deputy Director of The Audience Agency and now a consultant working with top organisations), and by the Independent Cinema Office’s David Sin and Catharine Des Forges, both of whom have decades of knowledge in what makes a difference in venue marketing.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback from experts on your current approach, as well as receive a follow up one-to-one session after the course.

Supported by:

Who is this course for?

We are looking for marketing team members at cinemas, film festivals and distribution companies who are excited about finding new approaches to reach audiences. You should be in a position to drive real change in your organisation and be making decisions about the way marketing budgets are spent.

How is the course taught?

The course is split between taught sessions designed to increase your knowledge of approaches to analytics and digital marketing, and workshops where you can learn how to identify, find and use data to help you improve your marketing and reach more audiences. You will also be offered a follow-up session to support you in your approach.

This course is now over. 

Supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded directly by industry through the Skills Investment Fund (SIF), as well as by the National Lottery via the BFI.

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