Accessibility at ICO events

Everything we do to ensure ICO events are as accessible as possible.

We’re committed to making all ICO events as accessible as possible so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

At any ICO training course or Screening Days, you can expect:

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) on as many films as possible

At Screening Days, we aim to offer SDH on as many films as possible screened online, creating them ourselves where needed (where we receive materials with enough time in advance to do so). Where DCP films are available with SDH at the time of our events, we will also play them in-venue, confirming these details as early as possible beforehand.

Live captioning in sessions and readily accessible recordings

We live caption all online sessions and offer in-venue captions or transcription where required. Where possible, sessions are recorded and circulated to attendees afterwards (with captions).

Easy read & plain text documents on request

Easy read versions of our open calls and plain text/large print versions of our event schedules and event packs are available on request.

Venue accessibility information

Details of physical venue accessibility are posted on our event webpages and/or in our event packs.

Your requirements

When you register for an ICO event, you’ll be asked if you have any access requirements. Please let us know what you need, and we’ll do our very best to facilitate and support your attendance.

Let us know we can help

If you have any questions or suggestions about accessibility at ICO events not answered here, please let us know at

Is there anything we could improve?

Let us know at:

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