Second Sight

Our 2020 film tour celebrates the UK's Black Film Workshop Movement.

In association with LUX, the ICO’s 2020 national film tour Second Sight explores the legacy, methods, aesthetic strategies and histories of the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement.

The Black Film Workshop Movement developed throughout the 1980s, a pivotal decade in UK culture and society. Against a backdrop of divisive national politics and civil unrest, a series of radical filmmaking collectives sprung up.

Their films explored the Black community’s relationship to Britain’s colonial past; whilst also looking to the Civil Rights movement in America, Black feminism, Pan-Africanism, the struggle of apartheid, and the emergent fields of postcolonial and cultural studies.

Second Sight incorporates key archive films from the period as well as new commissions from contemporary film artists, created in response to the Workshop context.

Formats: All films are available to book on either DCP for physical screenings or pro-res files for online screenings. The new commissions are available to book with audio description and HoH subtitles.

Terms: The new commissions are bookable at 35% against £100 MG (plus transport) as a feature package. To enquire about booking any of the new commissions individually, please contact us. Of the archive titles, The People’s Account and Omega Rising Women of Rastafari are bookable at 35% against £100 MG (plus transport) and Dreaming Rivers is bookable at 35% against £50 MG (plus transport).  Special terms are available for double-bills, please get in contact to discuss.

We’ve commissioned new writing on the influence and importance of the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement from academics, artists and writers from different generations. Read them here.

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