Made in Britain Season

Made in Britain: A season celebrating the finest in vintage British film

In this year of celebration of all things British, ICO and Studiocanal are delighted to announce a summer season of theatrical screenings in celebration of some of the finest, most entertaining and quirkiest cinema that this sceptred isle has ever produced.

The Made in Britain season is sandwiched between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics and will give audiences across the country the opportunity to enjoy five restored classic British films on the big screen.  A national screening event every Tuesday from 5 June to 3 July inclusive will see each film screen digitally in cinemas across the country. The films are also available to book singly for screenings after Friday 20 July.

The five films have been chosen to illustrate the breadth of the work that has been produced by British filmmakers over the last century, and range from post-war comedy to ground-breaking sci-fi.  A true British musical icon, a bevvy of troublesome daughters, aliens on the Underground, zombies in Cornwall and some particularly obstinate inhabitants of a small London borough feature in films from the mighty studios of Hammer and Ealing and legendary directors David Lean and Nic Roeg.

Made in Britain offers a glimpse into the peculiar character of our happy breed of men, sometimes directly and sometimes not so, and in doing so invites the audience to rejoice (and commiserate) in some of the most beloved eccentricities and quirks of the national character.

These films have also been chosen because they have received extensive digital restoration but not been seen widely on the big screen for some time, thus giving cinema-goers the opportunity to experience them in a cinematic environment and as fresh as when they were first released.

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