Sponsorship Coordinator

International Nature Bond CIC

London and remote

Salary: £600 fixed fee + commission

International Nature Bond CIC is looking for a Sponsorship Coordinator to join their team on a part-time basis.

About us

We are a dynamic and creative Community Interest Company dedicated to hosting an annual film festival that celebrates innovation, diversity, and excellence in cinema. With an array of extended events, screenings, and workshops, our festival is a pivotal platform for filmmakers and film enthusiasts. We are currently expanding our UK marketing team, seeking a highly motivated individual to spearhead our marketing initiatives and enhance our festival’s visibility both within the UK and on the global stage.

Role overview

The Sponsorship Coordinator is a key figure in developing and nurturing partnerships that are vital to the success of Animal Nature Future Film Festival (ANFFF), Animal Nature Future Month Campaign (ANFM), and International Nature Bond CIC. This role involves strategizing to attract and retain sponsors, maintain market research to align potential partners with our values and objectives, and crafting customized proposals. By building and maintaining strong relationships within the corporate sector and ensuring the delivery of promised benefits, the Sponsorship Coordinator plays a critical role in enhancing our visibility and achieving our goals.

Total hours: 64

Key responsibilities

  • Sponsorship Strategy Development: Develop a detailed strategy for attracting and retaining sponsors, tailored to various sponsorship levels and in line with the objectives of ANFFF, ANFM, and CIC. This includes identifying potential benefits for sponsors, creating sponsorship packages, and finding innovative ways to engage with corporate partners.
  • Market Research and Targeting: Perform in-depth market research to identify and approach potential corporate sponsors whose brand and mission resonate with the values and goals of ANFFF, ANFM, and CIC. This task involves staying updated on industry trends and comprehending the marketing objectives of potential sponsors.
  • Pitch and Proposal Creation: Design compelling sponsorship proposals and pitches that effectively convey the value proposition and benefits of partnering with ANFFF, ANFM, and CIC. Tailor proposals to align with the specific interests and business goals of each prospective sponsor.
  • Relationship Building and Networking: Foster and sustain strong connections with key corporate sector stakeholders through regular communication, attendance at networking events, and participation in industry conferences. Serve as the primary contact for all sponsorship-related inquiries and discussions.
  • Sponsorship Activation and Fulfillment: Manage the implementation of sponsorship agreements, ensuring that all benefits promised to sponsors are delivered accurately. Coordinate across departments to maximize sponsor visibility and engagement opportunities at events, in promotional content, and on digital platforms.
  • Stewardship and Retention: Execute a sponsor stewardship strategy to maintain sponsor engagement and awareness about the impact of their support.
  • Develop custom communications and reports for sponsors, and organize exclusive events to show appreciation for their contribution.
  • Sponsor Feedback and Evaluation: Collect and analyze sponsor feedback to evaluate their satisfaction and the effectiveness of their investment. Utilize this feedback to refine sponsorship packages and strategies for upcoming events.

Job period: 20 May to 15 October, flexible hours within this period

Our website: http://www.anfff.org
IG: animalnaturefuturefilmfestival

How to apply

Send a CV and cover letter to: marketing@internationalnaturebond.com

Please highlight your related skills if possible and we will get back to the candidates from 1 May – 15 May and arrange further video meetings for this application.

The closing date for this position is 10/05/2024 at 23:59

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