Film Festival Technicians

Cinebox (London Short Film Festival)


Salary: Dependent on experience

  • Job title: Film Festival Technicians
  • Organisation: Cinebox (London Short Film Festival)

Cinebox is an online platform that massively simplifies tech for film festivals. Say goodbye to downloading links, copying files from drive to drive, ticking off arrivals on spreadsheets, and watching progress bars. The software takes care of the laborious repetitive parts of film festival production and leaves only the skilled tasks that need a human touch. The time saved allows us to be very good at what we do and ensure every film reaches the screen looking and sounding its best.

This year we are managing technical delivery of London Short Film Festival, and the shorts programmes of Leeds, Cambridge, Manchester Animation Festival, Bolton and Underwire.

We are looking for technicians to join our team to assist with the delivery of these festivals.

The job involves:

  • Watching files and DCPs delivered and checking for problems
  • Corresponding with filmmakers to assist in fixing problems
  • Encoding DCPs

We are looking for people with:

  • Experience in projection, post-production or filmmaking on the technical side
  • Understanding of file formats, codecs etc
  • A keen eye for video quality
  • Ability to work in an ordered, methodological manner
  • Commitment to the importance of presenting films the way they should be

Flexible hours, part or full time, based in East London, starting early August and continuing through to January 2020. Potential of continuing work throughout the year. Work can be structured around your availability so please include this in your statement of interest.

To apply, please send your CV and statement of interest to:

The closing date for this position is 21/07/2019 at 17:00

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