Independent Cinema Office (as Film Hub South East)


Salary: Flat fee: £54,000 inclusive of VAT

We are seeking a contractor with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to undertake comprehensive annual evaluation of the Film Audience Network (FAN) for the 2022-23 financial year.

This is the final year of FAN under the BFI2022+1 strategy period (extended for one year on the same terms due to a COVID-delayed strategy development period), and this annual evaluation should also act as an end-of-term review of the FAN programme.

The evaluation approach should cover two distinct elements:

  • An impact evaluation, to understand whether the work of FAN has resulted in the desired outcomes, and whether it has had any unintended (positive or negative) consequences
  • A process evaluation, providing a review of how FAN has been implemented across the Hub regions/Nations, what delivery approaches have worked (and why), what has not worked so well, as well as identify possible opportunities for improvement and sharing of best practice

We expect to see a mixed methods approach using a robust evaluation framework (or multiple frameworks, where appropriate) developing on the logic model established for Year 1 (2021-22).

The key deliverables for this commission include:
  • An inception report to be submitted one month after the initial meeting.
  • An interim report or presentation updating on progress.
  • A comprehensive final report.
  • A PowerPoint presentation on the evaluation report
  • Presentation of findings to FAN delivery partners.

We are looking for a competent quantitative/qualitative consultant with experience of the screen industries, to work with representatives of the Independent Cinema Office (Film Hub South East) and the BFI to provide an independent evaluation of this Fund.

Further details

For more details on the project please download the Invitation to Quote document.

The closing date for this position is 02/12/2022 at 18:00

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