Voces Inocentes

Dir: Luis Mandoki



110 mins



Carlos Padilla, Leonor Varela, Xuna Primus

Chava (Padilla) is an 11-year-old boy who should be leading a carefree life. But this is El Salvador in the 80s and the country is in the midst of a civil war. Chava’s father has gone to the U.S, leaving his son in charge of his mother (Varela) and younger sister. Violence reigns in their village. An even greater threat is Chava’s age. At 12 he will be conscripted into the army. Based on the experiences of its screenwriter Oscar Torres, Voces Inocentes is the first film that director Mandoki has made in Mexico since 1987, after years in Hollywood.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

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