Tomorrow Everything will be Alright

Dir: Akram Zaatari





One of the surprises in the programme as a whole is that it’s the works that are, as it were, least envious of filmic convention, narrative or spectacle that seem to work best as interventions in the cinemas.

Brian Dillon, Sight & Sound


A late night online chat between two men who haven’t met since the turn of the millennium leads to their reunion after ten years of separation. The film navigates against time with an unsettling use of communication, recording technologies and temporal gaps.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

About the artist

Akram Zaatari was born in Lebanon in 1966 and lives and works in Beirut. Zaatari’s work explores issues pertinent to postwar Lebanon, focusing primarily on the logic of religious and national resistance, and the production and circulation of images in the context of a geographically divided Middle East. Co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation (Beirut), Zaatari has focused on collecting, studying, and archiving the photographic history of the Middle East, notably studying the work of Lebanese photographer Hashem el Madani as a register of social relationships and photographic practices.

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