Titane (in-person only)

Dir: Julia Ducournau

France / Belgium


108 mins


Agathe Rousselle, Vincent Lindon, Garance Marillier, Laïs Salameh

Please note: Titane will play in-person at Broadway Cinema only.

Known for her acclaimed cannibal-themed debut Raw, Julia Ducournau dazzles with her Palme d’Or-winning, genre-shattering follow-up Titane.

Newcomer Agathe Rousselle plays Alexia, who – ever since a childhood accident – has had an unusual bond with cars, consummated by a strange encounter with one of the vehicles she writhes on in her job as a motor show dancer. When her violent tendencies make her a fugitive, she disguises herself as a boy, forming an ambiguous bond with a local firefighting chief (played by French arthouse star Vincent Lindon).

Titane (French for titanium) is extreme cinema, a techno-thriller that pulls no punches, an unhinged, twisted fantasy that explores techno-sexuality, family subversion and gender fluidity alongside scenes of full-on violence. A hyper sophisticated, defiantly futuristic watch, and one that establishes Ducournau as one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing filmmakers working today.

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