There's No Place Like Home


63 mins


Part of: Pure Product

Why Don’t You Love Me?

Dir: Matthias Muller/Christophe Girardet | Germany | 1999 | 5 mins

The definitive study of Hitchcock’s distinctive portrayal of mothers.

Migration of the Blubberoids

Dir: George Kuchar | US | 1989 | 12 mins

It is the first white turkey day for fifty years: snow abounds yet life goes on.

The Pharaoh’s Belt

Dir: Lewis Klahr | US | 1993 | 9 mins

“Klahr’s characters negotiate a labor of extrication from the morass of Betty Crocker chocolate icing, formica kitchens and parental phantoms toward a mastery of the imagination and the attaining of true love.”
Tom Gunning

The Waltons

Dir: Anne McGuire | US | 1996 | 7 mins

A homespun deconstruction of an entire era of TV mannerisms, this re-examination of John-boy’s near death experience at the sawmill is deft and cunning.

Back East

Dir: Cordelia Swann | UK | 2000 | 14 mins

A chronicle of a progressively darkened New York childhood.


Dir: Mathias Muller | Germany | 1995 | 15 mins

Muller’s unforgettable moving portrait of growing up in the 1960s.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

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