The Murders of Oiso

Dir: Takuya Misawa

Japan / Hong Kong / South Korea


79 mins


Koji Moriya, Haya Nakazaki, Yusaku Mori, Shugo Nagashima

Set in Oiso, Kanagawa, one of Japan’s oldest seaside towns, Takuya Misawa’s (Chigasaki Story) sophomore feature is an intriguing and suspenseful crime drama exploring the tense bond between four disaffected friends.

Tomoki (Haya Nakazaki), Shun (Koji Moriya), Kazuya (Yusaku Mori), and Eita (Shugo Nagashima) have worked at Kazuya’s uncle’s construction company since graduating from high school. Outside of work, they spend most of their time drinking, gambling and terrorising the locals. But when an unexpected accident befalls someone they know, their monotonous existence is turned upside down, and long-held secrets between them begin to come into view.

An unflinching examination of small town corruption, toxic masculinity, and the angst of wasted youth, The Murders of Oiso is an exceptionally well-crafted drama that evinces a keen eye for creative, non-linear narrative construction and a superbly controlled cinematic language.

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