The Great Movement (in-person & online)

Dir: Kiro Russo

Bolivia / Qatar / France / Switzerland / UK


85 mins


Julio Cézar Ticona, Max Eduardo Bautista Uchasara, Francisca Arce de Aro

La Paz, Bolivia: The city, its chaos and sprawl take centre stage in Kiro Russo’s (Dark Skull) mysterious and beguiling drama, Bolivia’s entry for the upcoming Oscars. 

A young miner, Elder (Julio Cézar Ticona) arrives in La Paz with his friends to find work, but falls strangely ill. As his condition worsens, he enlists the help of elderly Mamá Pancha (Francisca Are de Aro), who sends him to Max (Max Eduardo Bautista Uchasara) – a witch doctor who might be able to diagnose his unknown malady and bring him back to life.

Monumental and gently mystical, The Great Movement is an investigation, both physical and spiritual, into the contemporary central South American city and those who live and work within it. Backed by a symphonic soundscape of car horns and traffic, construction work, chatter and school bells and offering shifting tones and focuses with increasingly dynamic editing, Russo’s film is a hypnotic journey into a psychological space that touches upon the supernatural.

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