The Feast (in-person & online)

Dir: Lee Haven Jones



93 mins


Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts, Julian Lewis Jones

From prolific TV director Lee Haven Jones and writer Roger Williams, The Feast is a fantastical Welsh language horror.

Led by MP and patriarch Gwyn (Julian Lewis Jones) and his preening wife Glenda (Nia Roberts), an affluent family (possibly the worst in Wales) gathers at their lavish, coldly modernist home in the Welsh mountains for a dinner party, hosting a local businessman and neighbouring farmer to broker a business deal of local significance. When a mysterious young woman (Annes Elwy) arrives to be the family’s waitress for the evening, their beliefs and values are intimately challenged, as her quiet yet disturbing presence begins to slowly, deliberately unravel their lives…

Glowering and confident, The Feast envisions a world in which terrifying consequences will visit those who turn their backs on pastoral tradition and by extension, on nature itself. With solid performances from its central cast, The Feast is elegantly creepy and impeccably styled; a gory, gruesome slow-burn morality tale.

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