The Ciambra

Dir: Jonas Carpignano

Italy / US / France / Germany


118 mins



Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon, Damiano Amato

Set in a Calambrian Romani community in Italy, The Ciambra is a stark and moving film that follows a fourteen year old boy as he negotiates life on the edge of society. Moving easily between the social groups of the area, local Italians, African immigrants and his own Romani community, Pio is keen to be seen as grown up and in control. When his beloved older brother is sent to prison, Pio assumes position as head of the family but as his efforts to gain ground increasingly lead down a dangerous path, he has to choose between his loyalty to them and to his friends.

Evoking the spirit of the Dardennes brothers’ realist cinema, an entire Romani family make up the supporting cast of unprofessional actors from the local community in a film that brims with authenticity. Director Jonas Carpignano provides his second feature with a verité documentary style adding weight and drama to this contemporary coming of age tale.

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Release Date

11 May 2018

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