Tall Orders

Dir: Various

70 mins


These shorts stand tall. An international sampler of our favourite short films on glorious 35mm.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO


All in All (Alt I alt)

Torbjørn Skårild | Norway | 2003 | 4 mins

Caught in a world of rhythm, repetition and CCTV, a diver prepares to take the plunge.

Birthday (Syntymäpäivä)

Kari Juusonen | Finland | 2004 | 15 mins

A technical malfunction at the abattoir results in a battle of wills between a man and a cow.

Little Man

Martin Brierley | South Africa/UK | 2004 | 10 mins

Simeon is 13, a silent loner growing up in poverty in redneck South Africa. When he’s caught peeping at Marianna all hell breaks loose.


Andrea Östberg | Sweden | 2004 | 3 mins

A life-affirming peptalk.


Mark Walker | UK | 2004 | 18 mins

Jonathan’s marriage to Grace is easy. One night, working late in his office, he meets Mitsy, a cleaning woman. Intriguing though she is, Mitsy confronts Jonathan with a truth he would rather not acknowledge.

Shortage of Space (Plassmangel)

Geir Henning Hopland | Norway | 2003 | 6 mins

Can you imagine an episode of The Green Wing directed by Jacques Tati and scripted by Kafka? Well…


Royston Tan | Singapore | 2004 | 13 mins

The latest short from enfant terrible Tan is a musical extravaganza about Singapore’s repressive censorship system complete with dance routines, chorus lines and an homage to Abba.

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