Dir: Marley Morrison



103 mins



Nell Barlow, Ella-Rae Smith, Jo Hartley

Socially awkward, environmentally conscious misfit ‘AJ’ (Nell Barlow) has a few things on her mind. Mostly how the methane from all the cows is destroying the planet, and how she would rather be anywhere in the world than on holiday with her painfully uninspiring, ‘un-woke’ family.

Dragged to a coastal holiday park in Dorset after she’s suspended from school, AJ is joined by her mum Tina, her neurotic, heavily pregnant older sister Lucy, their curious younger sister Dayna and Lucy’s attentive boyfriend Steve. Determined to have the worst week of her life, AJ’s plan nevertheless comes unstuck when she meets carefree lifeguard Isla.

Marley Morrison’s impressive, nuanced debut feature is a refreshing coming-of-age story exploring the intensity and volatility of teenage emotions, as AJ (a superb performance from Barlow) navigates troubled family dynamics, first love and the difficulties of defining herself. Confident, sweet and funny.

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