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79 mins


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Cambridge Film Festival


- 29/10/2018


CINECITY - The Brighton Film Festival


- 12/11/2018


Cambridge Film Festival


- 29/10/2018


CINECITY - The Brighton Film Festival


- 12/11/2018


See the stars of the future in this dazzling and diverse programme that celebrates new filmmaking talent from the South East.

Curated by Film Hub South East and selected from close to 100 submissions, these ten short films tell cinematic stories that linger in the mind, challenge your perceptions and transport you to seaside towns and bustling cities while introducing audiences to an array of exciting emerging filmmakers.

The programme will premiere at Cambridge Film Festival (29 October) and Cinecity Brighton (12 Nov), ahead of being made available to cinemas across the UK.

Film Hub South East works with BFI NETWORK to support new filmmakers in their careers and projects.

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Independent Cinema Office (ICO)


£50 for cinemas and theatrical venues, £20 for film societies and community groups

Short films in the programme


Dir Shakira Francis

After constantly being told her hair is ugly, a young girl goes on a journey of discovering how beautiful her type 4C afro is.


Dir Tarun Thind

Harvey is an impoverished slave-labourer, who in search of a better life for himself hatches a plan to rob his menacing boss’s lottery ticket, and smuggle himself out.

An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Sussex

Dir Jessica Bishopp

Capturing the atmosphere and essence of a cafe by the sea and the intimate stories of characters whose daily routine it is an integral part of.

Daily Cycle

Dir Harry Binstead & Shannon Smyth

One man’s internal struggle with his eating disorder as he enters a fast food shop, confronted by the demons of his daily cycle.


Dir Alice Trueman

Jas is the story of a young, English-Iranian girl living in Hastings, and her meeting with a racist war veteran.


Dir Nathalia Syam

A young man has doubts over his future bride on his wedding day. With pressure from his family it seems that there is only one path for our groom-to-be.


Dir Ramzan Miah

Coming from a tightly knit Bengali Muslim community in Luton, Raheem dreams of becoming a dancer but feels conflicted by strict traditions.


Dir Jack Martin

Fourteen year old Will is shown how quickly love can turn, what little control we have when it does and the effects it has on a young heart.


Dir Myriam Raja

Tehzeeb’s fate is sealed through an arranged marriage at the request of her father. As she struggles to adjust to life in England, she yearns to break free.

The Wider Sun

Dir Sophie Carr-Gomm

Growing up, little Ru always heard tales of Selkies, mythical creates that change from seal to human. Little does she know, she’s about to meet one.

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