Shorts for Wee Ones (2020)

Dir: various



42 mins


Discovery Film Festival’s latest Shorts for Wee Ones package is another truly international smorgasbord of delights; with films hailing from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Russia and a full range of stories and animation styles.

There’s an ice cream-loving sloth, a lynx emerging from the forest for some night-time fun in a deserted townscape and a cat who isn’t too successful when it comes to playing draughts. Four Arctic hares are called out on an emergency rescue mission in the frozen North and a wee wolf discovers the power of imagination to keep him warm in the winter winds. Our old friend The Little Bird is back, this time making friends with some bees, whilst a very musical spider has to come up with a new plan when their web is suddenly broken.

Suitable for viewing by all the family, but especially children aged 3+, most of the shorts are in English or dialogue-free, with one incorporating brief Russian dialogue and English subtitles.

Discovery Film Festival can support screenings with ‘Activity Packs for Tinies’ and education resource packs themed around films in the programme. Click here to download a sample and visit Discovery Film Festival’s website for the full range.

Please note: there is no theatrical BBFC certificate for this package, so cinemas booking will need to seek approval from their local authority. Bookings are available to 16th October 2021.

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