Playing in the Light: Playing a Part

Dir: various



60 mins

No Cert

Playing a Part concentrates on performance: on the roles we are asked to play. From the marching bands of colonialism to the glitz of Hollywood via contemporary urban experience, these films find new ways to ask questions of origin and identity.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO


Dansons by Zoulikha Bouabdellah (2003) from Playing in the Light: Playing a Part


Zoulikha Bouabdellah | France | 2003 | 6 mins

The dancer puts on cloths in the colour of the French flag and belly-dances to the French national anthem.

Aeroplane Man

Alison Murray | UK | 2000 | 6 mins

Rapper Jonzi D sets out on a quest, leaving his birthplace of London for Grenada, Jamaica, America and Africa.

Extract from Me 37

Ghazel | France | 2001 | 15 mins

When she received an expulsion notice from the French government in 1997, a victim of the European ‘green card’, Iranian artist Ghazel decided to post ‘marriage-wanted’ signs on the walls of Paris to procure a passport by marriage-of-convenience.

Cut Out and Keep

David McCormick, Benedict Johnson | UK | 2004 | 12 mins

A reflection on the lives and times of Britain’s first-generation Afro-Caribbean communities.


Harold Offeh | UK/Brazil | 2005 | 10 mins

An embodiment of the vibrancy and energy of Brazilian culture, which also reflects Brazil’s status as a newly developing nation that is dependent on a low-waged, low-skilled labour force.


Tracey Moffatt, Gary Hillberg | US | 1999 | 10 mins

Moffatt and Hillberg¹s rough, no-budget assembly effectively highlights with familiarity and humour the disturbing realisation of how black characters and white characters still interact on screen, under Hollywood¹s eternally backward eye.

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