Only Human

Dir: Teresa / de Pelegri / Harari

SpainArgentinaUnited Kingdom (UK)


89 mins



Guillermo Toledo, Marian Aguilera, María Botto

Leni arrives home to introduce her fiancé Rafi to her Jewish family for the first time. Everything goes wonderfully until the lovers reveal that Rafi is Palestinian. With his future mother-in-law unhinged by the news, Rafi offers to take over in the kitchen. The problem is he accidentally drops a frozen soup out the 7th floor window, hitting a pedestrian below. As if the evening’s not going badly enough, it turns out the pedestrian may be Leni’s father.

A sprightly family comedy. Only Human combines a deftly-turned script, fine perfs and a feel-good message to delightful effect.


This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

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