Morir En San Hilario

Dir: Laura Mana



105 mins

No Cert


Lluís Homar, Ana Fernández, Ferran Rañé

The actress turned writer-director of Sexo Por Compasion again visits a small isolated community with an unusual specialty in magic realist comedy Morir en San Hilario. The village of San Hilario was renowned for its cemetery and the magnificent funerals they organised. People traveled for miles to die there. But the public’s taste for modern funerals has left the village decimated. And so they eagerly await the arrival of Germán Cortes, their first customer in years. But when a different Germán (Homar) arrives, he decides to assume the other man’s identity. And so the plans for the big event get under way…

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

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