More Than Ever (in-person & online)

Dir: Emily Atef

France / Germany / Luxembourg / Norway


123 mins


Vicky Krieps, Gaspard Ulliel, Bjørn Floberg

Vicky Krieps and the late Gaspard Ulliel star in Emily Atef’s (Molly’s Way, 3 Days in Quiberon) sensitive, understated, deeply felt drama about a woman taking ownership of her life after a terminal diagnosis.

A young couple living in Bordeaux, Hélène (Krieps) and Mathieu (Ulliel) have been happy together for years. Their worlds are completely intertwined and the bond between them is lasting and deep. But when Hélène is faced with an existential decision, she must follow her own path, and travels alone to Norway to seek peace, in an act that tests the strength of their relationship.

Featuring superb, precise and intelligent performances from Krieps and the sadly departed Ulliel, who evince tender chemistry as a loving long-time couple under extreme duress, Atef’s film – inspired by her late mother’s battle with cancer – explores all the ways in which profound health challenges can isolate and estrange people from themselves and others, requiring them to become someone new while also prompting them to fight being solely defined by their condition. Beautifully crafted both in front and behind the camera, with stunning cinematography of the natural world, More Than Ever asks its audience to ponder the inevitability of death and to consider how intimations of mortality can re-energise a life, as well as haunt it.

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