Dir: Mari Okada



115 mins



Manaka Iwami, Miyu Irino, Ai Kayano, Yūki Kaji (voices)

Acclaimed screenwriter Mari Okada makes her directorial debut with this beautifully drawn animated fantasy feature. It received a UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival in March 2018 and with its high imagination, intimate drama and spellbinding visuals, recalls the best of Studio Ghibli.

The people of Iolph have a lifespan of hundreds of years and maintain their teenage appearances for life. When an army invades their peaceful town, seeking Iolph blood and the secret of their longevity, a young girl named Maquia is forced to escape.

Wandering the land alone, she encounters an orphaned baby in the forest. Maquia chooses to raise him, but as the boy grows older and she remains the same age, the differences are thrown into ever-sharper focus.

A touching tapestry about the encounters and losses of life, Mari Okada’s directorial debut is both a profound human drama and a stunning adventure, and sure to resonate with audiences.

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