Jack Too Jack, The March of the Big White Barbarians

Dir: Mark Leckey

United Kingdom (UK)


5 mins


Part of: A Movie

London ‘s Public Sculptures are articulated by concrete poetry of Maurice Lemaitre in a free translation by Leckey’s Jack Too Jack.

This title is no longer available for booking from the ICO

About the artist

Born 1964, lives and works in London. Leckey makes sound system installations and video works that reveal a fascination with such marginalised youth cultures as popular dance and football hooliganism and draw rich references from the history of art. Leckey came to prominence with his video piece Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999) shown at the ICA as a part of Crash! (1999). Spanning three decades, the work functions as a dream-like visual essay on the history of underground dance culture in the UK, from Northern soul clubs to acid-house raves. His next video, We Are (Untitled) (2001), featuring friends and actors in his flat after a night out, was commissioned for Century City at Tate Modern (2001). Leckey collaborates with artists Ed LaLiq, Nick Relph, Enrico David and Bonnie Camplin as collective ‘donatella’, making video and live music performances which sample and re-fashion familiar images and melodies from popular culture. Leckey’s work has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions including shows at the Cabinet gallery who represent him in London and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, his representatives in New York.

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