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Our Introducing… slot is a space for discovery and collaboration at Screening Days. With it, we aim to bring you films beyond the release calendar that you may not yet be aware of, but which may connect you to new audiences in your communities.

For this edition we are delighted to present highly acclaimed, beautifully imagined and detailed works, funded by BFI NETWORK, from filmmakers Edem Kelman, Fabia Martin, Karla Crome, John Ogunmuyiwa and Yazmin Joy Vigus.

These shorts will be available to watch at Broadway in-person and on our online platform.

With many thanks to the filmmakers, BFI NETWORK, Film Hub London and Film Hub South West.

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Dir: Edem Kelman | UK | 2020 | 9 mins

All around the city there are lives, crossing and intersecting. One day you might find a balloon on the floor, look at it long and hard, and ask: Who did it once belong to? Whose face did it light up? Where did it take flight and when did it land? What joy was it once commemorating, now only to be trodden on and wheeled over between alleyways and curbs? This is a story about motherhood and grief.

Booking enquiries to Noah Reich.


Dir: Yazmin Joy Vigus | UK | 2021 | 15 mins

Former childhood best friends Celeste and Margo haven’t seen each other for eight years – the same time it’s taken for them to both screw up their lives.

Failed journalist cum blogger Margo returns home to Cornwall disillusioned and broken from the city. Meanwhile, Celeste is struggling to keep her head above water as she works a deadbeat job at the village shop, pining over lost opportunities after becoming a carer for her grandmother.

When they both find themselves at the same hen-party dressed as Giant Starfish and Human Kelp, desperation (and an Angry Girlfriend) throws them together and forces them to reckon with the events that destroyed their friendship. Under the weight of disappointment and failure, will the reunion cause them to sink or swim?

Booking enquiries to Yazmin Joy Vigus.

Canvas 5

Dir: Karla Crome | UK | 2021 | 13 mins

When gallery director Ruth is accused of using her position to exploit people of colour, she protests her innocence – but her doubt turns to paranoia when anonymous portrait Canvas 5 starts to exert a power all its own.

Booking enquiries to Georgia Goggin.

The Rev

Dir: Fabia Martin | UK | 2021 | 12 mins

A comedy about a vicar in the midst of an identity crisis whose imagination runs wild when he’s asked to organise a funeral.

Booking enquiries to Needlemouse Films.

Precious Hair & Beauty

Dir: John Ogunmuyiwa | UK | 2021 | 11 mins

With observant commentary on the changing landscape of London communities, this is a witty and energetic snapshot of an odd day at a black hairdressers.

Booking enquiries to Sophia Gibber.

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