Introducing... Autumn 2022 (in-person & online)

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62 mins (total)

Our Introducing… slot is a space for discovery and collaboration at Screening Days. With it, we aim to bring you films beyond the release calendar that you may not yet be aware of, but which may connect you to new audiences in your communities.

The films in this edition are: A Fox in the Night, written and directed by Keeran Anwar Blessie and produced by Benjamin Jacob Smith; Hanging On, directed by Alfie Barker and produced by Hollie Bryan; It’s Personal: Episode One, directed by Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara; and Sharing, written, directed and produced by Mykea Perry. See details of all films below.

Introducing… shorts will be available to watch singly or together on our online platform throughout Autumn Screening Days, as well as screening in-person at the National Science & Media Museum in Bradford.

With many thanks to all the filmmakers.

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The films


Dir: Mykea Perry | UK | 2022 | 10 mins

Sharing explores a mother and daughter relationship through the confines of shared custody.

Booking enquiries to Mykea Perry

Hanging On

Dir: Alfie Barker | UK | 2021 | 10 mins

Set in Oulton, Leeds an old coal-mining community of over 60 houses still stand. Originally made as temporary council housing but sold onto private investors, they now sit with the threat of demolition, displacing a large number of residents, some who have lived there for all of their lives. Featuring a combination of audio interviews and artistic visuals we discover the stories of a close community of residents, their sentimental memories and the stress and uncertainty of an ongoing campaign to save their homes.

Particularly timely for the current moment, this short film reminds us about the struggles of people slipping through the cracks of society and explores what it means to have a home.

Booking enquiries to producer Hollie Bryan

A Fox in the Night

Dir: Keeran Anwar Blessie | UK | 2022 | 11 mins

Excited for a night out on the town, flamboyant and confident Lewis is suddenly cautious and uncomfortable when a friend asks him to pick up something from his dealer, Daniel. On arrival, he’s confronted with an invitation, and an unexpected connection.

Booking enquiries to producer Benjamin Jacob Smith

It’s Personal: Episode One

Dir: Kyla Harris & Lou Macnamara | UK | 2022 | 31 mins

Kyla requires 24 hour care with everything from making artwork to having a wee; struggling with a care shortage during the pandemic, she asks filmmaker friend Lou to swap cameras for catheters and learn how to assist her in a reality TV challenge. The pair give a refreshingly personal perspective of the global care crisis, the necessity of friendship and what it means to truly care for each other

It’s Personal: Episode One was made as part of Film Video Umbrella’s BEYOND commission programme.

Booking enquiries to Kyla Harris

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