4Love Shorts (in-person & online)

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58 mins (total)

Our Introducing… slot is a space for discovery and collaboration at Screening Days. With it, we aim to bring you films beyond the release calendar that you may not yet be aware of, but which may connect you to new audiences in your communities.

We’re delighted to present the films for the Autumn 2023 edition, 4Love Shorts: a new collection of four groundbreaking films by disabled and neurodivergent filmmakers that explore the theme of love – from old flames to new loves, surrealist comedy to apocalyptic drama.

The films are: Dope Fiend, directed by Rosanagh Griffiths; Battery, directed by Ewan Marshall; Pyramid of Disunion, directed by Ella Glendining and Jessi Gutch; and MO <3 KYRA 4EVA, directed by Debbie Hannan. See more details below.

Films will be available to watch singly or together on our online platform throughout Spring Screening Days, as well as screening in-person at Phoenix in Leicester.

For bookings, please contact Hannah Saunders at Film4 and Justin Edgar at 104 Films.

With many thanks to all the filmmakers, Film4 and 104 Films

Booking Information



The films

Dope Fiend

Dir: Rosanagh Griffiths | UK | 2023 | 14 mins

After losing her pen, Fran struggles with the bureaucratic and social navigation of a waiting room. An audio-visual neurodiverse experience.


Dir: Ewan Marshall | UK | 2023 | 14 mins

In a city devastated by the extremes of climate change, Elliot shows how far he will go for love when he decides to use his last wheelchair battery to meet his boyfriend Aaron for their final dance.

Pyramid of Disunion

Dir: Ella Glendining, Jessi Gutch | UK | 2023 | 17 mins

On a quest for inner peace and a more meaningful existence, wheelchair-user Angel joins an eco-commune. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she encounters an old flame.


Dir: Debbie Hannan | UK | 2023 | 13 mins

This riotous comedy, set during a high-school prom, sees one girl faced with a final chance to let the girl of her dreams know how she feels about her.

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