In Flames (in-person & online)

Dir: Zarrar Kahn

Pakistan, Canada


98 mins


Ramesha Nawal, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Mohammad Ali Hashmi, Adnan Shah Tipu

In present-day Karachi, a medical student struggles to keep her family together while being hounded by a force she doesn’t understand.

After her grandfather’s death, Mariam (Ramesha Nawal) supports her grieving mother (Bakhtawar Mazhar) and brother (Jibraan Khan) while studying for her exams. She’s bothered by the return of her estranged uncle (Adnan Shah Tipu), by the attentions of a charming fellow student (Omar Javaid), and by a motorcycle accident. Something seems to be stalking her through the streets of Karachi, but who, or what?

A wholly involving drama about trauma, internalised abuse, and misogyny, Zarrar Kahn’s feature directorial debut tells a story of women forced to navigate the random violence of an oppressive, patriarchal society.

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