Dir: Haider Rashid

Iraq / Kuwait / Italy


75 mins


Adam Ali, Erfan Rashid, Gassid Mohammed, Mohamed Zouaoui

Based on true events, the plight of the modern migrant is viewed as a brutal fight for survival in Italian-Iraqi director Haider Rashid’s Europa, a visceral thriller which combines tense, genre cinema elements with heartfelt emotions and a soulful tale.

Kamal (played Lebanese-British actor-director Adam Ali), a young Iraqi man entering Europe on foot through the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, is captured by Bulgarian border police but escapes, finding himself left to search for a way out in a seemingly interminable forest. Wounded and chased by Bulgarian migrant hunters, nationalist civilian vigilantes prepared to track down and kill rather then allow outsiders entry to their country, Kamal must spend three days and three nights fighting for his life in an underworld where rules and laws don’t exist.

A lean, kinetic thriller where danger lurks behind every tree and crag, Europa is an impassioned cry against the treatment of those seeking safety and dignity within Europe’s borders.

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Bulldog Film Distribution


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